Do you have several holes in your ears?

  • by Kamilla Krane

Here we show you trendy suggestions on how to combine different earrings if you have two or more holes in your ears

It is very trendy with several holes in the ears - We give you inspiration on how to make exciting combinations with several earrings.


We have many different hoops at The Cabinet that it is exciting to combine with each other if you have several holes in the same ear. See all our hoops together here . For example, Tom wood's Ice Hoops in small and Ice Hoops Medium together in one ear, or Maria Black's Ray Hoops either double or in combination with Senorita 20 Hoops from Maria Black.

Tom Wood Small og Medium Ice Hoops

Tom Wood Ice Hoops Small and Ice Hoops Medium in combination

Ray 20 Hoop NOK 649, sold individually / Senorita 20 Hoops NOK 599, - for couples

Ray earring Hoop Maria BlackSenorita 20 Hoops Maria Black øreringer

Hoops from Nootka Jewelry

Nootka Jewelry was established in 2018 by the well-known fashion profile in Sweden Lisa Olsson. All Nootka's jewelery is carefully designed and handmade in Stockholm with great emphasis on details, made in recycled 925 silver. All the hoops from Nootka are made to be mixed and matched when you have several holes in your ears to make your completely personal combination. The earrings are of fantastic quality. Click here to see our selection of hoops from Nootka Jewelry All earrings from Nootka Jewelry are also available in silver.

Nootka Jewelry Big Hoop Gold and Mid Hoop Gold

Nootka Big Hoop Gold og Mid Hoop Gold

Lisa Olsson Mini Hoop Gold og Big Hoop Gold

Lisa Olsson with Chunky Earrings Gold and Mini Hoop Gold


We all agree that a green lifestyle is the way to go. Now you can also do it with these fantastic interpretations of fruit and vegetables from Trine Tuxen. Cherry Stud and Berry Stud in silver or gold from Trine Tuxen's collection Veggies Vol.1 are fantastic to combine in the same ear when you have several holes in the ears. Veggies Vol.1 was launched in the spring of 2020. Put a cherry on top🍒

Trine Tuxen Cherry Stud Berry Stud øredobber i sølv

Trine Tuxen Cherry Stud in silver and Berry Stud in silver

Trine Tuxen Cherry Stud øredobb i sølvTrine Tuxen Berry Stud øredobb i sølv

Trine Tuxen Cherry Stud og Berry Stud øredobber i gull

Trine Tuxen Cherry Stud in gold and Berry Stud in gold

Trine Tuxen Cherry stud øredobb i gullTrine Tuxen Berry Stud øredobb i gull

Base set

A tip might be to use a base set in the upper holes that you can have in your ear at all times when you have several holes in your ears. Then it's nice with very simple rings such as these small earrings in gold from Tom Wood or in silver . Or Polo Huggie from Maria Black in gold or silver , possibly Marco Huggie from Maria Black which is a few mm smaller in diameter. Combine these with different styles in the lower holes according to occasion and mood.

Tom Wood Classic Hoops Gold

Classic Hoops Small Gold from Tom Wood

From there you can easily vary the lower holes in the ear according to mood and outfit. Check out our collection page here with 100 different earrings that are super cool to combine with each other.

Pond Earring from Maria Black 's collection A Pause together with simple earrings

Maria Black Pond Earring

Maria Black Futuro Collection🍉

Maria Black Como Earring combined with Moneta Earring from Maria Black's collection Futuro. Superfresh summer combination and one of our favorites!

Maria Black Como og Moneta Earrings i gull

Como Earring from Maria Black together with Marco Huggie in gold

Como Earring Maria Black og enkel hoop i gull

Crystals in various combinations

We have two different crystals from Maria Black, orange carnelian (strengthening) and light green prehnite (soothing) on earrings in two different varieties. These earrings belong to the "Estate" collection of Maria Black which was launched in November 2019. It is a limited collection that we are the only ones to sell online in Norway next to Maria Black's own stores. These earrings are sold individually and are very nice to mix with each other.

Maria Black Anita og Frida Estate Collection

Maria Black Anita and Frida Earring Gold

Maria Black Frida earring with orange crystal

Frida Oransje Maria Black øredobb

Maria Black "Anita" earring with orange crystal / Pond Earring in gold from Maria Black

Anita Oransje Maria Black øredobbMaria Black Pond Earring

Maria Black Frida sammen med Pond Earring

Mini studs

Beautiful combination of two small but detailed earrings. These earrings are designed by Trine Tuxen in Copenhagen. The top has an opal and a yellow topaz and the other is a swirl earring that you "twist" into place.

Trine Tuxen stud opal og bullet spiral

Trine Tuxen Stud Opal / Trine Tuxen Bullet spiral

Trine Tuxen Stud OpalTrine Tuxen Bullet Spiral

Here you see the combination with Trine Tuxen's Triple Stud and Stud Opal earrings

Trine Tuxen Triple Stud og Stud Opal

Trine Tuxen Triple Stud / Stud Opal

Trine Tuxen Triple Stud Opal Topas GraphiteTrine Tuxen Stud Opal

Mini earrings from Maria Black

With these mini earrings from Maria Black, you can play with different combinations in both ears. Both Midnight and Noon have an uneven surface where Midnight has a minihoop hanging at the bottom while Noon has a larger hoop hanging at the bottom and a mini as the stud itself. Here you can make several different combinations, either one in each ear, two different ones with two holes in the same ear and one in the other, or what you yourself think looks cool. These earrings are sold individually so here you just have to mix and match!

Maria Black Midnight Mini Earring in gold / Noon Mini Earring in gold

Midnight Mini Earring Maria BlackNoon mini earring Maria Black

Maria Black Noon Mini Earring

Maria Black Noon Mini Earring in gold combined with Ray 20 Hoop .

Maria Black Noon earring i gull og Ray earring


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