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New jewelry brands: Nootka Jewelry - beautiful jewelry with a raw and organic finish 🤍

Nootka Jewelry was established in 2018 by the well-known fashion profile in Sweden Lisa Olsson. Nootka is a Scandinavian jewelry brand with a vision to create versatile jewelry that makes you stop and look twice. Nootka is currently one of Scandinavia's most exciting jewelry brands.

Nature is a significant source of inspiration, thanks to its inherent imperfection and all the beauty we see in it. A love affair between the raw and the pure is Nootka Jewelry's manifesto, transformed into personal jewelery that is easy to love and cherish.

All Nootka's jewelery is carefully designed and handmade in Stockholm with great emphasis on details, made in recycled 925 silver.

Nootka has only a few selected retailers of its jewelery, and we are super proud to be the first and only Norwegian store where you can now buy these fantastic jewelery in addition to our other jewelery brands.

Nootka's jewelery has a distinctive character that we have not seen in any other Scandinavian jewelery brands so far. Nootka Jewelry has managed to create a style and an expression that ends up somewhere between the tight and the clean and the soft and organic, which creates a thrilling dynamic and something new.

Nootka Jewelry Hoops

The hoops of Nootka have already become super popular in Sweden and are sold out as soon as they come in again. And we understand why. They are something more than "ordinary" hoops that we see at other jewelry brands, with their rough and organic finish in semi-matte polishing, which also gives a beautiful skin no matter what angle the light hits the earrings. They are also robust, feel exclusive and you really see that this is top quality craftsmanship.

Nootka Jewelry Chunky Earrings Gold - sold as a pair NOK 2499, -

Chunky Earrings Gold Nootka Jewelry øredobber i gull

Nootka Jewelry Big Hoop Gold - sold individually NOK 1099, - per piece

Big Hoop Gold Nootka Jewelry øredobb i gull

Nootka Jewelry Mid Hoop Gold - sold individually NOK 899, - per piece

We also have these in silver

Mid Hoop Gold Nootka Jewelry øredobb i gull

Nootka Jewelry Mini Hoop Gold - sold individually NOK 699. per piece

We also have these in silver

Mini Hoop Gold Nootka Jewelry Øredobb i gull

Here you see different ways to combine the different hoops from Nootka. They are great to use in different sizes together if you have several holes in the ears, this is also the main reason why they are sold individually, as several of our other jewelry brands do. The first picture shows Chunky Earrings Gold along with a Mini Hoop Gold . The picture to the right shows a beautiful Nootka signature consisting of Big Hoop Gold and two Mid Hoop Golds in a row.

Lisa Olsson Chunky Earrings og mini Hoop gold Nootka JewelryHoops collection Nootka Jewellery

Raw Necklace and Raw Bracelet

Chunky necklaces and bracelets are in the wind like never before, and you should look for a long time among other jewelry brands to find finer varieties than Nootka's, and not least at a fantastic price!

We have selected the variants in gold with us. The silver necklace itself is produced in Italy, while the gold-plated finish and semi-matte finish are made at a family-run factory outside Stockholm, where the rest of Nootka's jewelery is also made. The handmade Nootka charm with logo is attached to the bracelet and necklace.

These are statement jewelry that wear an entire outfit. The jewelry has good weight and feels exclusive when you wear them. And they are as cool for the collage sweater as for a dress or blazer.

Nootka Jewelry Raw Necklace Gold kr 3999, -

Nootka Jewelry Raw Necklace Gold

Nootka Jewelry Raw Necklace Gold

Nootka Jewelry Raw Bracelet Gold kr 2499, -

Nootka Jewelry Raw Bracelet Gold armbånd i gull

Nootka Jewelry Raw Bracelet Gold armbånd i gull

Link Bracelet and Link Necklace

Link jewelery to Nootka is timeless and classic in gold-plated silver throughout, which gives the jewelery good weight and the feeling of exclusivity. The jewelry has a semi-matte surface that gives the beautiful, raw finish and which ensures that the light is reflected from all angles. The handmade Nootka charm with logo is attached to the bracelet and necklace.

This is a lot of jewelry for the money!

Nootka Jewelry Link Bracelet Gold NOK 1499

Nootka Jewelry Link Bracelet armbånd i gull

In the picture above you see the Original Bracelet together with the Link Bracelet, a beautiful combination.

Nootka Jewelry Link Necklace Gold kr 1999, -

Nootka Jewelry Link Necklace Gold halskjede i gull


Also check out Lisa Olsson's Instagram profile @ lisa.olssons

Here you can read an interview in with Lisa Olsson, the founder of Nootka Jewelry

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