How to use hair clips and hair clips?

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Title photo: Via Instagram / @faithfullthebrand

Here you will find inspiration for cool ways to use hair clips

Valet Studio makes fantastic and unique hairpins from hand-filled resin, pearls and semi-precious stones. All their hair clips have a clear edge and are loved by the fashion elite worldwide. Here you will find high quality hair clips that fit just as well in thick as in thin, short or long hair.

See all hair clips from Valet Studio here!


Unique hairpins

In the picture below you see Lorelei Clips which is sold as a set, two hairpins with different shades, one dark and one light. These hairpins are made of leopard-colored faux fur, a buckle in stainless steel and a rough felt on the back which makes the hairpins fit extra well. Valet Studio is known for using non-traditional materials and surprising with a constantly new twist on shape, color and structure.

Valet Studio Lorelei hårspenne på modell

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio

In the next pictures below is another of our favorites, Kelly Clip hairpins, made of hand-filled resin with added glitter in absolutely fantastic color shades. With us you get them in Kelly Clip Light Green and Kelly Clip Gold . Also great to use in short hair, sold as a set with 2 hairpins.

Kelly Clip Gold

Photo: Via Instagram / @faithfullthebrand

Greta Clip, Kelly Clip Gold & Joline

Joline, Kelly og Greta hårspenner fra Valet Studio på hånd

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio

Hair clip

Valet Studio is also known for its beautiful hair clip. These are in the same way as Kelly Clip made of hand-filled resin, but here the craft really comes into its own. When filling by hand, you get a very special, marbled pattern when the molds are filled layer by layer. In this way, each and every hairpin becomes completely unique.

Rebecca Clip Marble is one of Valet Studio's bestsellers. White, hand-filled resin layered so that it actually looks like it is made of marble✨ This is a hair clip that stands out from the others with its beautiful leather and exciting shape. This is also very suitable for those with shorter hair and / or thin hair as the shape of the buckle follows the head shape and does not require a lot of hair to sit well. A hair clip that gives the feeling of a little extra everyday luxury.

Rebecca Clip Marble hair clip at the top right of the picture. All hair clips from Valet Studio come in the pastel-colored velor bag you also see in the picture.

Rebecca Marble og oppbevaringspose

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio

Glamorous vintage look

Valet Studio is known for playing with the design from the various decades, and especially the 70s and 90s have got their styles in the last year in their collections. Here we see large, exclusive hairpins in surprisingly rectangular shape, sprinkled with synthetically produced gemstones made of crystal glass, also called diamontes. These stones give a completely magical skin like here on Sasha Clip Purple , Green and Tortoise as shown in the picture below. This can be styled in many ways, and makes itself very well placed on the side, loosely seated in the hair.

Sasha Clip three colors Valet Studio

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio

Another vintage-inspired hair clip we have to highlight is the Cleo Clip Pink . The buckle is hand-filled with fantastic pink resin and filled with crystals all over. A truly exclusive hair clip with a functional shape that both fits well in the hair and looks super smashing. A dream at the summer party or at the wedding💕

Cleo Clip Pink Valet Studio

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio

About Valet Studio

The Australian cult brand Valet Studio embraces the art of creating accessories. The collection strives to be as raw and complex as life itself, with inspiration from different decades, artistic waves and movements, and stylistic persuasions in a whirlwind of a romance❤ ️

Since they originated in 2017, Valet has experimented with the endless possibilities that exist in color, texture and shape and produced perfect, unique hair clips and hairpins that safeguard their vintage inspiration while standing firmly in today's trend.

The choice is about expressing individuality with hair clips that lift an everyday outfit or compliment eccentricity. The Valet customer is forward-thinking and concerned with fashion, and the brand specializes in bold and punchy accessories that easily become part of the most important thing people have in their wardrobe.

The brand's journey in hairpins started with the design of a small collection made of 100% resin filled by hand. This technique makes it possible to add colors in several layers that form a completely unique marble effect. Now the collection also includes pearls, precious stones and other unconventional materials. Valet has established itself as an international leader in hair clips as a result of their aesthetic innovation.

- - -

The hair jewelry from Valet Studio is sold all over the world at a few, carefully selected luxury magazines and individual stores such as Net-a-Porter, Louisaviaroma, Farfetch, Le Bon Marche, Harvey Nichols and more.

Greta Clip

Greta Clip Valet Studio

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio 

Joline Clip

Joline Clip Valet Studio

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio 

Joline Clip

Joline Clip Valet Studio

Photo: Via Instagram / @valetstudio 

See all hair clips from Valet Studio here!

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