What is fashion jewelery?

  • by Kamilla Krane

We explain to you the difference between fine jewelery, demi-fine jewelery and fashion jewelery

"Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles"
- Sarah Phillips

Traditionally, jewelry made of precious metals, such as gold, has been seen as something valuable, which you are welcome to receive as a gift or inheritance.

Many of these jewelery belong to the category of fine jewelery, which is defined as jewelery made of generally precious metal such as 18 carat gold and often with exclusive precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires and the like. These are jewelery that costs more, but which also withstands rougher use and lasts forever.

These handmade bee earrings are an example of fine jewelery.

Danger Jewels / The Bees / Earrings in 18 carat gold plated with black rhodium

A less expensive alternative

In the last decade, a "new" concept and a category has emerged in selected clothing and lifestyle stores, and also in a number of goldsmiths. Fashion jewelery is basically defined as jewelry made of base metals such as brass, copper, aluminum, various textiles and the like. But also what is called "semi-fine jewelery" or "demi-fine jewelery"   which is jewelry made in pure silver and gold-plated silver, falls into the category of fashion jewelery.

At The Cabinet, you will only find jewelery produced in pure silver and gold , ie semi-fine jewelery / demi-fine jewelery. Silver is a cheaper metal than gold, and with gold-plated silver jewelery, only a small amount of pure gold is used for the actual gilding, and hence a considerably cheaper price than for fine jewelery made of continuous gold. These jewelery require a little more care when used than pure gold jewelery in order for the gilding to stay nice for as long as possible, but if you take good care of gold-plated jewelery of good quality, they will stay beautiful for years.

Trine Tuxen / Charlie Earring / Statement gold earring

Find your new favorite piece of jewelry

It is in the name fashion jewelery that the goal is to make a fashion statement, sometimes as a piece of jewelery that stands out and defines an entire outfit in itself, or jewelry that is in the trend and compliments the chosen outfit. These are often pieces of jewelry that are worn every single day and that are an important part of the image, whether it is earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets.

With fashion jewelery, you get the opportunity to find completely unique jewelry that fits perfectly for you and your style. Many people eventually buy jewelry on a par with clothing where you invest in jewelry as an important part of the wardrobe. These are typically silver and gold-plated jewelry that clearly reflects one's own style and expression with a varied selection so that they suit different occasions and outfits. When the price point is considerably lower than fine jewelery and the quality is high at the same time, the choice in the next shopping round can easily stand between a pair of new statement earrings and a new pair of jeans as the latest addition to the wardrobe.

Good fashion jewelery shopping!


Bjørg jewellery Children of Gaia threaders opal gold

Bjørg Jewelery / Children of Gaia / Earrings in gold with opal gemstones

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