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Give a personal piece of jewelry as a gift

Jewelry is always a popular gift, both for the one who is going to give and the one who is going to get. I always try to find gifts with a personal twist or if there is another thought behind when I give away gifts.

Here you get an overview of jewelry that is perfect to give as a gift, either to yourself or someone you love. I have selected some jewelry in this article that has a slightly more personal touch than other jewelry. Either in the form of letters, birthstones or other symbolism.

We make exclusive gift wrapping and ship the same day, free shipping of course. We also write a card for you if you want to send the gift directly to the person who will receive it. Feel free to send us an e-mail at if you want tips or help.

Good personalized gift shopping


Trine Tuxen

Birthstone Necklaces from Trine Tuxen represent the different months of the year, each with its own birthstone, stones that throughout history have been given magical, healing, spiritual and protective properties.

Regardless, Trine Tuxen's Birthstone Necklaces are simply beautiful in all their simplicity and elegance. The necklace itself has Trine Tuxen's characteristic and decorative "bullet" attached to the clasp. The pendant each has its own associated birthstone with a different size and location for each month. These are necklaces in fantastic quality, both design and production.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

Januar / Granat: "I will never give you any sleepless nights"

February / Amethyst: "Now you will be the bravest of them all"

Mars / Akvamarin: 'I will keep you in balance'

April / Diamant: 'I will make you shine bright'

Mai / Smaragd: 'I can make your dreams come true'

June / Moonstone: 'I will make creativity flow free'

Juli / Rubin: 'I will ignite your passion'

August / Peridot: 'I will never put you down'

September / Safir: 'Let me help you trust your inner wisdom'

Oktober / Opal: 'This will make you see things clear'

November / Gul Topas: 'I got your back'

December / Turquoise: 'I will inspire you to speak your mind'

Necklace / Birthstone Necklaces / Trine Tuxen / Price from: NOK 2,075 - 2,275

Trine Tuxen Birthstone Necklace halskjede med fødselsstein

Trine Tuxen Birthstone necklace halskjede med fødselsstein

Bjørg Jewelery

The popular "Nude Alphabet Tiny" is a collection of pendants that are created based on the human body and shape the various letters of the alphabet. Use your own initials, for one you love or create your very own combination of letter jewelry you like.

The pendant can be used as an earring on Small Round Hoops or as a necklace on Short Diamond Cut Chain . Or on a chain you already have.

Pendant / Tiny Nudes Gold / Bjørg Jewelery / Price: NOK 490

Anheng Bjørg Tiny Nudes Gold Letters

Bjørg anheng Tiny Nudes Gold

Bjørg Jewellery Tiny Nudes Gold

Human Hearts from Bjørg jewelry is an upgraded version of the classic and iconic Anatomic Heart jewelry, a clear bestseller in the Bjørg universe. Human Heart from Bjørg comes with a Diamond Cut Chain and a highly polished pendant.

The jewelry is designed like a real anatomical heart. On a tag attached to the link is engraved the text "ab imo pectore" which means "from the bottom of my heart". The human heart symbolizes true and eternal love, making this piece of jewelry the ultimate, modern amulet of happiness.

The Iconic Heart collection is a celebration of love and an upgrade of Bjørg's signature jewelery Anatomic Heart.

Bjørg's anatomical heart jewelery also comes as a necklace in Human Heart Small Gold , a slightly larger variant with Human Heart Medium Gold and as a bracelet Human Heart Bracelet Gold .

Bjørg Human Heart Gold Necklace

Danger Jewels

This is simply a work of art of some earrings that you can actually carry with you on your body!

Max Danger's famous bees were created while studying at The Royal College of Art in London. He spent years researching and investigating the bees, the life of the bees and not least the importance of the bees in the world!

The body of the bees is first cut into wax and modified with needles. They are then cast in 18 carat gold before the wings are soldered to the body. Finally, the black stripes are applied with black rhodium. - No animals were killed during the process!

Earrings / "The Bees" / 18 carat gold with stripes in black rhodium / Price: NOK 5,900

Danger Jewels The Bees øredobber i rent 18 karat gull med sort rhodium

Danger Jewels The Bees øredobber i rent 18 karat gull med sort rhodium

Maria Black

Nostalgic, decorative and cool jewelry from Maria Black. Grandma Necklace belongs to the Heroes collection, which was launched in the spring of 2018. Throughout her upbringing, her grandmother's jewelery box and 50s dresses were the most glamorous Maria Black could imagine, and is the source of inspiration behind this collection.

Necklace / Grandma / Maria Black / Price: NOK 1,499

Grandma necklace maria black

Maria Black Grandma Necklace

Ring / MOM / Maria Black / Price: NOK 1,299

mom ring maria black

Maria Black Mom Ring Gold

Blue Billie

Finally a different type of letter jewelry! Slightly larger, slightly rougher, often hanging diagonally. These letters have really struck a chord in our neighboring country and have flourished around on various Instagram accounts throughout the summer and autumn.

Get your letter, or a letter that belongs to someone else that means something special to you. Perfect match with Blue Billie "Rope Chain Gold"

Pendant / Letter Prisma Big Gold / Blue Billie / Price: NOK 790

Blue Billie Big Letter Gold

Tom Wood

Cool jewelry with coin pendant from Tom Wood. The pendant itself is an authentic cast of a coin from Greek antiquity used in Afghanistan thousands of years ago. Alexander the Great, king of ancient Macedonia, is depicted on the coin. A real amulet of happiness.

Necklace / Coin Pendant Gold / Tom Wood / Price: 2.499, -

Tom Wood Coin Pendant Gold Short

Tom Wood Coin Pendant Short Gold

Tom Wood Coin Pendant Short Gold


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